Here, you will find some links to interesting sites:

the new sistersite of,, where you will find informations on the models, in three and soon four languages, French, English, Spanish and soon Portuguese!

Wonderful site entirely devoted to the Dakar Race editions from 1979 to 1985, with a lot of pictures and informations,
made by enthousiasts for enthousiasts.

A site devoted to people giving a second life to Dakar Rally oldtimers, and they race them!

A spanish decal maker, mainly for slot racing and 1/32nd, but he can make 1/43rd too:



Some sites of model makers, they are also good friends:
without André Marie Ruf, none of what you have seen here would have been possible, thanks to him.

And, if you are a Dakar Models Fan, you cannot do without THE club of Dakar enthousiasts
Rallye Raid 43,

they now have a forum:


Rallye Raid 43
34 avenue de Dijon
21150 Venarey les Laumes


Some good shops:

in England


in Japan


in U.S.A.


in Germany


in Portugal


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